AKTU Code : 754 | BTE Code : 2088
Admission/ Registration Open in B.Tech/ Diploma Courses for session 2018-19 | Admission Helpline : 7706982460/ 61/ 62


DNM can boasts of a dedicated committed and experienced bunch of excellent faculty. The faculty is thoroughly conversant with the latest methodology of teaching that infuses the minds with technical expertise and skills.

S.No. Name of Faculty Member Designation
1. Mr. Neeraj Kumar Yadav Civil Engineering
2. Miss Sarita Verma Electronics Engineering
3. Mr. Chandra Kumar Civil Engineering
4. Mr. Pramod Yadav Mechanical Engineering
5. Mr. Ashutosh Kumar Mechanical Engineering
6. Mr. Pawan Kumar Pandey Electronics And Communications Engineering
7. Miss Sawni Singh Mechanical Engineering
8. Miss Shweta Sharma Computer Science And Engineering
9. Mr. Kunal Gupta Mechanical Engineering
10. Mr. Jay Shankar Shukla Electronics And Communications Engineering
11. Miss Sandhya Dwivedi Mechanical Engineering
12. Miss Babita Verma Electronics And Communications Engineering
13. Mr. Anant Kumar Gautam Engineering Physics
14. Mr. Arbhi Hasan Mechanical Engineering
15. Mr. Vinod Kumar Maurya Electrical Engg (Instrumentation & Control)
16. Mr. Nitesh Kumar Jaiswal Mechanical Engineering
17. Miss Smriti Pal Electrical Engineering
18. Mr. Ajit Kumar Singh Mechanical Engineering
19. Mr. Anupam Chaudhary Mechanical Engineering
20. Mr. Pramod Kumar Maurya Computer Science & Engineering
21. Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Yadav Mechanical Engineering
22. Mr. Vikash Kumar Electrical Engineering
23. Mr. Chitra Singh MBA
24. Mr. Amit Kumar Singh Applied Science
25. Mr. Subodh Kant Computer Science And Engineering
26. Mr. Vishal Kumar Srivastava Electronics And Communications Engineering
27. Mr. Pankaj Yadav Mechanical Engineering
28. Mr. Asish Kumar Chandel Electrical Engineering
29. Mr. Satya Narayan Yadav Mechanical Engineering
30. Mr. Arpit Mishra Electrical Engineering
31. Miss Damini Gupta Computer Science And Engineering
32. Mr. Chandan Kumar Pathak Computer Science And Engineering
33. Mr. Shubham Singh Computer Science And Engineering
34. Mr. Mohd Irfan Mechanical Engineering
35. Mr. Sintoo Giri Mechanical Engineering
36. Mr. Bhupendra Pratap Singh Mechanical Engineering
37. Mr. Devesh Shukla Mechanical Engineering
38. Mr. Shashank Dubey Mechanical Engineering
39. Mr. Anand Tiwari Mechanical Engineering
40. Mr. Ravi Ranjan Mechanical Engineering
41. Mr. Akash Singh Civil Engineering
42. Mr. Ankur Maurya Mechanical Engineering
43. Mr. Angad Kumar Gupta Electronics And Communications Engineering
44. Mr. Manish Kumar Electronics And Communications Engineering
45. Mr. Vikash Kumar Nagar Electrical Engineering
46. Mr. Ankit Mishra Electrical Engineering
47. Mr. Sudarshan Prasad Electrical Engineering
48. Mr. Sujeet Kumar Mechanical Engineering
49. Mr. Adarsh Maurya Mechanical Engineering
50. Mr. Dharmendra Singh Mechanical Engineering
51. Mr. Sandeep Kumar Mechanical Engineering
52. Mr. Prashant Kumar Mechanical Engineering
53. Mr. Pankaj Upadyay Mechanical Engineering
54. Mr. Rajeev Kumar Singh Civil Engineering
55. Mr. Sudheer Kumar Mechanical Engineering
56. Mr. Amit Kumar Srivastava Math
57. Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh Mechanical Engineering
58. Mr. Shiv Prasad Mechanical Engineering
59. Mr. Kaushal Kishor Mechanical Engineering
60. Miss Nirmala Yadav Mechanical Engineering
61. Mr. Dipankar Tripathi Mechanical Engineering
62. Mr. Ankit Kumar Bajpai Mechanical Engineering
63. Mr. Ahay Singh Yadav Mechanical Engineering
64. Mr. Shivam Kumar Computer Science And Engineering
65. Mr. Rehan Khan Computer Science And Engineering

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  • Totally owned and managed by technocrats
  • Redefining technical education through incorporation of moral and ethical values in technical education
  • Financial assistance to meritorious students
  • Eco-friendly lush green campus
  • Training by industry professionals for students
  • Well-equipped library
  • Wi-Fi language Lab
  • Easy approach

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