AKTU Code : 754 | BTE Code : 2088
Admission/ Registration Open in B.Tech/ Diploma Courses for session 2018-19 | Admission Helpline : (0522) 4342211

About DNM

Academic Approach

DNM believes that the learning experience must result in the enhancement of the capabilities of the individual for practical purpose and must develop an individual with values and social responsiveness. To the end result the learning process is an output of

  • Classroom teaching along with multimedia facility
  • Practical & Laboratory based classes
  • Group discussion and Soft Skill Development Programme
  • Debate and writing competition
  • Technical models (Design- and make it type)
  • Engineering Forums
  • Guest Lectures
  • Regular Appraisal System with periodic feedback to guardians
Extra-Curricular Activities

Ample opportunities are provided to blossom the hidden talent of students through extra-curricular activities, there by developing their sum total personality. Some such activities are:

  • Social Services
  • Drama (English, Hindi and other Indian languages)
  • Music (Indian and Western)
  • Fine Arts
  • Photography
Physical Activities

Facilities for various types of physical activities are provided to help the students possess the proverbial "Sound mind in a sound body" qualities. Some such activities are as follows:

  • Gymnasium (Equipped with modern equipment)
  • Sports Complex (Outdoor and Indoor games)
Inward Technology Activity

To relieve mental stresses, tranquil mind and concentration, inward technology activities are planned for students such as

  • Pranayama and other Yogic exercises.
  • Meditation techniques

Other Navigations


  • Totally owned and managed by technocrats
  • Redefining technical education through incorporation of moral and ethical values in technical education
  • Financial assistance to meritorious students
  • Eco-friendly lush green campus
  • Training by industry professionals for students
  • Well-equipped library
  • Wi-Fi language Lab
  • Easy approach

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