Language Lab

Emerging technologies make it practical to approach learning in ways that have been advocated by scientists, theorists, and educational psychologists for years. Advanced information technologies such as virtual reality, visualization, digital modeling, digitization, simulation, games, virtual worlds and intelligent one-on-one tutoring systems dramatically enhance teaching and learning of elusive concepts by translating abstractions into real-world contexts and providing customized instructions and individualized assessments. To realize the full potential of this technology and to ensure its pervasiveness in all institutions of learning and training, we must undertake a long-term, large-scale effort to research, develop, test and disseminate tools for building advanced learning systems. Language lab is part of computer department which contains 25 computer with headphone and camera.

Strategies of Teaching / Learning

Learner can respond at ease for communicative mode of teaching. Communicative method for learning languages combines extensive, high-quality content with flexible and interactive multimedia technology. This comprehensive language-learning method can act as a total solution for self-teaching, as well as a teaching support to formal courses. Through a wide range of activities, a variety of skills are aimed to develop in a learner. A learner needs to communicate: oral and written comprehension, as well as oral and written expression. It also addresses the concepts of grammar, lexicon, phonetics and conjugation. In order to achieve this objective, there are three possible Learning Modes :

The Guided Mode offers a step-by-step study course. Organized into Learning Paths, this mode focuses on the acquisition of functional language patterns across a broad spectrum of themes. In this mode a learner at lower intermediate level can learn pronunciation, grammar, functions of words and vocabulary by applying and practicing the rules.

The Free-to-Roam Mode gives a student the option of learning by topic or by linguistic skill. This mode is particularly useful for students who are at intermediate level of learning and also for teachers who want to familiarize themselves with the content available to them.

The Dynamic Mode takes a student under its wing. By analyzing a student's results, this mode adapts the course of study to ensure that it corresponds to the student's needs and abilities. The activities offered evolve in relation to the student's results and original objectives. Advanced learners can immediately be immersed in an authentic learning context through.

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