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Er. Vivek Mishra

What says our Vice President...,

It brings me great joy to be calling myself an integral part of this coveted institution. My brother and I have witnessed it all when father toiled hard to structure this wonderful institution. The posterity would always look up to its lineage, not just the success, attitude and hard work involved to see the aspired results but also most importantly the journey that made it happen. And a beautiful journey means a strong thought.

Today, DNMIET is proud to claim responsibility for being the reason behind a revolution for the generation. As generations came, saw and conquered DNMIET helped transform all those ideas into thoughts and later into actions.

A strong thought always stands the test of time and hence brings the best of that generation. And I strongly feel, wherever we may go, whatever generation may come and go, it's the strong will and thought, which makes the true difference. And I am sure no milestone is really far off, if a team sincerely follows a strong ideology. Father proved it time and again and we are glad to follow his foot steps

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